I have founded Lane Commercial to provide highly specialised personal service to clients in the selling, acquisition, leasing and management of commercial property.

Nearly 30 years ago, I began my career in commercial property with eight years at Louis A. Sallmann. Then, in 1992, I invested in the city practice of Allard & Shelton as a partner, with Patrick Barnes, and grew the business to become one of Melbourne’s most respected boutique commercial real estate practices.

From this Collins Street base, I focused on properties in metropolitan Melbourne, specialising in management, acquisition and sales for private clients, particularly in the areas of retail, corporate and commercial properties.

My expertise in identifying sites, adding value by overseeing and managing construction, renovations and fitouts, as well as renegotiating leases to grow clients’ portfolios is second to none. And, as a sole operator, I have the ability to truly focus on my clients’ individual requirements in a responsive, personal manner.

Please call any time to discuss your commercial property requirements.